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Opu Labs’ mission is to improve how the global skincare industry exchanges data,
information, and rewards in a way that benefits patients,
dermatologists, and solution providers.

Opu for Android – Early Access Version is Now Available

Android users can now access the Opu App Preview Release on the Google Play store.  Opu for Android is now available for our Opu Rewards community on Google Play. You can access it here:  With this release, Android users can now get the following features on their...

Opu Labs named as company to watch by Forbes

Forbes has named the top ten up and coming blockchain ventures in Asia. Opu Labs is the only healthtech company on the list!  Check the article out here.

Opu Labs – Q3 Update

Core platform development continues, Android app readying for release, Thailand localized marketplace to be launched this month.   Over the past few months, our team has been laser focused on our roadmap and releasing new features and services. Here is a preview of...

Opu Labs and Swiss Crypto Exchange sign LOI

Opu Labs and SCX have signed a LOI for 'OPU' to be listed on the Swiss Crypto Exchange. Swiss Crypto Exchange ("SCX") is a regulated exchange platform for crypto currencies and blockchain products, based in Zurich, Switzerland and led by Dr. Christian Katz, Chairman...

Health Unchained Podcast: Interview with Opu Labs CEO

Opu Labs CEO, Marc Bookman was recently interviewed by Ray Dogum the host of Health Unchained.  Health Unchained conducts and facilitates interviews and conversations with healthcare leaders, executives, entrepreneurs, researchers, and medical professionals who are...

Opu Labs Selected as Winner of the Start-up Grand Slam in Singapore

Company participated in World AI Show venture competition featuring leading start-ups in the AI and Blockchain space.  Opu Labs CEO, Marc Bookman, pitched the company to a panel of venture capitalists and the audience of the World AI Show in Singapore. The judges...

New Bonus Schedule!

Users activating their accounts will now receive a 250 OPU bonus. We have updated our Rewards schedule and the activation process. The Opu Rewards now available are as follows: First Image Scan: 500 OPU Profile Completion: 500 OPU Challenge Completion 1000 OPU Refer A...

Marketplace Released!

Opu Coins are now redeemable at checkout.  The Opu Marketplace has been released!  Please read the details in our press release. We sincerely thank our Opu Rewards (airdrop, bounty, end-users) participants for their strong support while we developed and have now...

Opu Labs Named to CIO Applications “Top 25 Healthcare Solutions Providers 2019”

CIO Applications is an enterprise technology magazine which is the go-to resource for senior-level technology buyers and decision makers to learn and share their experiences with products, technologies and technology trends. To assist healthcare providers in selecting...

What is Opu Coin?

Our value-driven ecosystem is underpinned by our native token – the Opu Coin (OPU). These are digital tokens rewarded to anyone who makes a valuable contribution to our community. When a customer submits their skincare data to our AI platform, or signs up for a dermatologist’s clinical trial, or a new skincare brand wants to use decentralized data to find a user group for a new product. OPU will become the standard means of exchange.

We aim to:

  • Unify the highly fragmented skincare industry for the benefit of medical professionals, personal care professionals, skincare product marketers, and consumers.
  • Leverage blockchain technology to substantially improve the quality and availability of skincare data.
  • Provide individuals with personalized, intelligent treatment options and trusted recommendations.
  • Deliver technology solutions that improve the quality and availability of high quality skin care services.
  • Encourage new users to participate in the community, share their experiences, and earn rewards.

The Opu Platform

Here are the key services supported by Opu.

Skin Analysis and Recommendations

Opu provides users with an analysis of their skin.


Users earn rewards when they complete specific actions on the platform. 


Users can find, test and purchase leading skincare products. 


Users can connect with advisors and learn about the best ranked products.

Opu Coin & Our Token Ecosystem

Our value-driven ecosystem is underpinned by our native Ethereum-backed token — the Opu Coin (OPU). These are tokens given to anyone who makes a valuable contribution to our suite of platforms. Say a customer submits their skincare data to our AI (Artificial Intelligence) platform, or signs up for a dermatologist’s clinical trial, or a new skincare brand wants to use decentralized data to find a user group for a new product. OPU will become their standard payment method.

In these scenarios, and many others, the exchange of information will enable improvements in skincare health. As our community grows, and more people join our platforms, the greater OPU’s usage becomes. This means our tokens will be in demand, so now is the perfect time to get involved.






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Opu App – The Pocket Skincare Clinic

Opu Labs is in the final stages of releasing smart phone apps for iOS and Android which will put the power of OPU in consumer’s hands. The apps will provide free skin scans, analysis reports, rewards, product purchases and direct access to skincare professionals. 

Opu has been successfully
tested with over 100,000 users. 

We have users from every country on the planet,
every age, gender, skin type, budget, device, 
and concern. We are creating a tokenized 
ecosystem to make this information available
for the benefit of consumers everywhere. 

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