Opu Community Update — The Numbers Stack Up!

It’s been a busy few weeks here at Opu as we ramp up private sale activity, extend our website, continue to refine our whitepaper, and focus on marketing and community building.

And it’s going pretty well if we don’t say so ourselves! In fact, it’s surpassed our initial expectations. It seems interest in our Skincare Intelligence Platform has really taken off:

  • 35,300 users
  • 8,268 skin profiles
  • 4,146 user images

It’s great to see our community growing at such a phenomenal rate and that’s reflected in our social media communities too — see below. To keep pace, we’ve been onboarding some additional Telegram Moderators and Community Managers.

#OPUdrop: Expanding!

We had some amazing uptake on our recent airdrop. It seems it didn’t take all that long to pass 30 million OPU Coins to 30,000 participants!

If you missed out this first time around, don’t worry, we will be distributing additional airdrop tokens in the same way right across the ICO. In the meantime, if you’re keen to get hold of some OPU, why not take part in one of our other Opu Rewards programs?

Private Sale: New Price List For June

Given the high demand for our private sale, we have updated our bonus schedule: you’ll find full details here. The current private sale bonus of 100% will only be available until June 7th, after this the bonus will decrease each day until the pre-sale begins, when the bonus drops to 66.1%.

Whitelisting won’t be open indefinitely, so please sign up to be considered. If you’ve already applied, you’ll hear from us directly very soon.

Note, the pre-sale ends July 10th and the public sale begins on July 17th.

In addition to using your Opu Wallet, Airdrop participants will be able to register their own personal ETH wallet address. However, Opu Coin withdrawals to personal wallets won’t be possible until August 21st — 14 days after ICO ends.

Here’s what our community’s saying about Opu… and the numbers speak for themselves!

Telegram — Over 16,000 members

Twitter — Over 14,000 followers

Facebook — Over 13,000 followers

Instagram — Over 11,000 followers

Opu Listings — So Far!

Track ICO: https://www.trackico.io/ico/opu-labs/

Cryptoslate: https://cryptoslate.com/coins/opu-labs/

ICO Now: https://iconow.net/ico-1501/

Bitcoin Exchange Guide: https://bitcoinexchangeguide.com/opu-labs-ico-opu-coin/

CoinGecko: https://www.coingecko.com/en/ico/opu-labs

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Momentum’s Building…

The rest of the world is starting to take notice of the fact that skincare and the blockchain are in fact compatible!

(Pic Source: https://cointelegraph.com/news/start-up-uses-blockchain-and-ai-to-offer-trustworthy-unbiased-skincare-advice)

We’ve just had articles written about what we’re doing here at Opu Labs in some major industry titles: the Blockchain Healthcare Review; CoinTelegraph; and the Blockchain Business News Network.

Here’s what they’re saying…

Are Blockchain and AI Technologies the Key to Healthy Skin?

A close up look at the tech stack we’re building — our five core service, how they work together, and how they’ll improve dermatology diagnoses for patients and doctors — as penned by the Blockchain Healthcare Review.

Opu Labs Brings “Skin In The Game” to Blockchain

Nice piece (and headline!) from the Blockchain Business News Network; giving wider scope to our aims and ambitions.

Start-Up Uses Blockchain And AI To Offer ‘Trustworthy, Unbiased’ Skincare Advice

A great article from the CoinTelegraph that outlines our audience, as well as the overall purpose behind building an AI and blockchain based system — and why the skincare sector needs it.

Please read them all and be sure to share them across your social networks.

Help us spread the word!

To take part in the pre-sale, or register for the ICO, sign up on our website(click the “Join Pool 1” button at the top of the home page). You’ll also get regular updates via our Telegram channel, where our admins are happy to offer advice and answer questions.

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For more information about Opu Labs’ ICO, visit: http://ico.opu.ai/

For inquiries, contact: ico@opu.ai

Here’s What You Need To Know About Opu’s ICO

Our ICO is looming. We couldn’t be more excited.

While seasoned crypto fans will get how this all works, what if this is the first time you’ve dabbled in an ICO?

We realize there’s fair amount of perceived complexity surrounding blockchain technology, coin offerings, and decentralization. So here we’ve done our best to explain how they all work together, how we’re creating our digital skincare ecosystem, and how everyone can get involved.

Know Your ICO

Let’s start with the basics. (If you know your onions, you may want to skip this part). There are a thousand Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) out there. Some call them Token Generation Events (TGEs). Others may refer to them as Token Sales. Vitalik Buterin (Ethereum’s founder) even mooted a variation called an Interactive Coin Offering at one point. Truth be told, they’re all pretty much the same thing — as far as terminologies go. But the reality is each one is very different from the next. But what exactly are they?

  • For entrepreneurs, they’re an opportunity to raise the money needed to complete the technology they’re building.
  • For ICO participants, they offer something far more intriguing: the chance to purchase a newly created cryptocurrency.

Instead of buying shares (as you would in an IPO), with an ICO, participants contribute funds into a decentralized ecosystem, and are awarded ‘tokens’ when the fundraising period is over. Those tokens are pegged to a particular cryptocurrency (Ethereum in Opu’s case, as we’re making use of smart contract functionality, which ensure the secure exchange of data).

Buyers bank on future demand for the tokens; which is driven by the technology’s ability to attract a critical mass of users.

So, despite all the mania around ‘get rich quick’ schemes (which are almost always too good to be true), the fact remains that if the technology is a) solid and b) solves a real-world pain point for a particular sector, the greater the chances of success will be for the token. And an ICO is a chance to get in on the ground floor.

Down To Business: Opu’s ICO

As you probably know, our background is health and wellness: skincare specifically. Because we’ve seen where the industry falls short; we’ve decided to build a platform that helps to alleviate some of the key pain points (try out our demo platform to see for yourself).

The reason we’re doing this using Ethereum blockchain technology is because one of the biggest issues the skincare sector faces is reliable information. In order to create skincare solutions that have tried and true results, dermatologists need accurate data from a range of different patients. However, a lot of people, across the world, don’t have access to professional dermatological advice; they rely on the advice of friends, family, or anyone else with an alleged ‘miracle cure’

Opu’s ecosystem

In a nutshell, the ecosystem we’re creating will bring together everyone who plays a role in the skincare industry. We’re building a suite of services to facilitate the required interactions, alongside a mechanism that ensures the secure exchange of data (you can read more about the specifics in our whitepaper — or even our previous blog post).

The platforms we’re building

To take part in the pre-sale, or register for the ICO, sign up on our website(click the “Join Pool 1” button at the top of the home page). You’ll also get regular updates via our Telegram channel, where our admins are happy to offer advice and answer questions.

Reasons to Participate in Opu’s ICO

  • Opu is the first of its kind platform for the skincare industry. It is a unique app that combines the power of blockchain technology with a robust rewards model.
  • Opu’s combination of AI, skin analysis and blockchain is what allows us to offer best in class analysis and treatment options
  • OPU coin will be the pioneer digital currency of the skincare market. It will power the ecosystem that runs on the robust blockchain network.
  • The platform is driven by AI & big data technology, a skin analysis engine, an e-Commerce function and community support. This automatically gives Opu an edge in the global skincare industry.
  • OPU coin will generate a high value in the US$121 billion global market, which has been largely neglected due to structural inefficiencies of companies operating in multiple regions.
  • As an individual, not only will you be rewarded with OPU coin for completing various tasks, but you will also be able to earn coins when reach your skincare goals. Moreover, the Opu coin can be held, traded, or simply stored in your e-wallet.
  • The Opu platform is powered by the Ethereum blockchain network.
  • Opu’s team is a diverse and multi-talented group of professionals with a variety of different strengths — including healthcare and blockchain expertise.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — –

For more information about Opu Labs’ ICO, visit: http://ico.opu.ai/

For inquiries, contact: ico@opu.ai

Opu Update: Second Preview Release Now Live!

New features, new team members, and an updated ICO schedule.

The team here at Opu Labs is proud to announce the second Preview Release of our Opu.ai platform. We’ve made some great strides since the first release last November. We’ve spent a substantial amount of time thinking through our use cases, reviewed our ecosystem’s financial models, redrafted our white paper following industry expert feedback, and developed a smart token which will take us through the first phase of Opu’s evolution.

As a result, we’ve now added a number of new functions to our service:

  • multiple facial analyses
  • extended skin tone analysis
  • user skin profile creation
  • the ability for users to earn OPU Coins in their own personal wallet

In addition, our Opu Rewards program is now live, so users can start receive OPU Coins by completing profiles, introducing friends, and by participating in our social media channels.

Details about the Opu Rewards program and our upcoming Airdrop can be found here.

Revised ICO Date

Our next step is to continue building our online community in the run up to our revised ICO — which will now take place on 17 July 2018.

The ICO sales window has changed too:

Private Sale (part of Pre-ICO pool)

– 50% (to ICO discount) — Open Now

Pre-ICO / Pre-sale starts June 26

– 40% (to ICO discount) — 26 June 2018

– 30% (to ICO discount) — 29 June 2018

– 20% (to ICO discount) — 02 July 2018

– 10% (to ICO discount) — 05 July 2018


– The Main Event — 17 July 2018

Medical Advisory Board

Another significant recent development is the creation of our Medical Advisory Board. Under the guidance of our Chief Medical Advisor, Dr. Dhaval Bhanusali, we have recruited an amazing group of dermatologists (see our website for full details) who will be advising and assisting us as we develop Opu into a tool with real utility value.

In addition, respected New York dermatologist, Dr. Anna Karp, has been working directly with our team to develop Opu’s advice and recommendation services.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

For more information about Opu Labs’ ICO, visit: http://ico.opu.ai/

For inquiries, contact: ico@opu.ai