OPU Coin Released! New scan tracking features.

Total Supply Reduced. Rewards Program Participants’ Coins Now Available

After extensive testing, we have fully integrated our main smart contract and have aligned it with the final economics summarized in this blogpost.

The official OPU Coin contract address is: https://etherscan.io/token/0x65e3c4a750a2e7cc7cce86d01587bbcbbe99042e

All other similarly named contracts which were used for testing have been superseded by this contract address. Never accept OPU coins which are associated with any address other than this one. 

We have also begun distributing OPU Coins to the various members of the community who have purchased or earned them. Today we are releasing the tokens to the Opu Rewards Bounty Program program participants. Other categories of OPU Coin holders will follow.  

Lifetime Supply Reduced

Taking into consideration the recent level of market capitalization in the digital asset markets, we made a decision to cut the total supply of OPU in roughly half to 1.50 billion from 2.70 billion. Minting has been completed and all further minting functions have been perpetually terminated for our ERC-20 token. Therefore, 1.5B OPU is now the permanent lifetime supply of OPU.

Revised Allocation

The revised full allocation for OPU has been updated to reflect the new and lower supply cap.

Holder Block Tokens % of Pool Unissued  Status
Public Sales 550.0M 36.7% 85.7% Tokens sold during the pre-sale are locked until Dec-20-2019. Tokens sold via retail sales will be available for use immediately on the OPU Marketplace
Company/Team 550.0M 36.7% 17.6% Locked until Mar-2019 / Vest monthly until Dec-20-2020
Partners 175.0M 11.6% 14.2% Locked until Dec-20-2019 / Vest monthly until Dec-20-2020
Rewards 150.0M 10.0% 43.4% Will be available for use immediately on the OPU Marketplace
Cold Storage 75.0M 5.0% 100% Locked until Dec-20-2020
Total 1.5B 100.0%

Tokens Now Available for Opu Rewards Bounty Program Members

We have started distributing hot tokens to the OPU Rewards Bounty Program members. These tokens are now available on the platform but will remain locked until the Opu Marketplace is launched and the user account is activated.

To receive your OPUs you must register the external ETH wallet which you used to register for the Bounty program and then transfer at least 0.005 ETH to your internal OPU Wallet address from this address. 

Instructions for Activating Wallet and Transferring Tokens to the OPU Ethereum Wallet

Please follow the instructions below to claim your OPU (Bounty Program Members):

  1. Login to your OPU account at http://opu.ai . If you do not have an account yet, please create a new one.
  2. Go to the Opu Wallet (see left menu).
  3. Register your external Ethereum wallet address which was registered with the Bounty Program managers.
  4. Send at least 0.005 ETH to your OPU Wallet Address from the external Ethereum address registered in Step 3.
  5. After you have confirmed that the transaction succeeded, check your OPU wallet to verify that the ETH was properly received.
  6. Your OPU will be deposited to your OPU Wallet address. Please allow up to 24 hours for the transfer to complete. Note: the 0.005 ETH token balance will be used to cover any gas charges. 
  7. You are now ready to utilize your OPU Coin balance and will be able to utilize when making purchases with the upcoming Opu Marketplace.

New Scan Tracking and Compare Features

We have also released a new facial scan tracking feature which allows you to see your scan history and compare before and after results. This is a preview of one of the new features that will be in the iOS and Android app release.

Upcoming Releases

  • Airdrop and General Account Holder token releases
  • Opu Marketplace

Opu Coin Roll-out Update, New Website…and immutability.

OPU account activation available to all users. New consumer facing website released. 

The roll-out of OPU Coin to all account holders continues.  Currently all account holders can now activate their wallets and get their Coins transferred to their hot wallets by transferring a small amount of ETH to their wallet address. For those of you who prefer to wait for the marketplace to launch, your account will be automatically activated with your first purchase.

There have been a number of questions on the process and our policies, so we will summarize them here.

  • All transfers are subject to an admin review, hence with some transfers there may be a slight delay.
  • We estimate the gas charges will be about 0.0015 ETH to transfer your OPU into your hot wallet. Anyone who did transfers very early on and was charged more than this has been refunded the difference. The residual ETH balance will remain in your wallet for your usage going forward.
  • Any bot generated accounts or bot driven referral networks will be automatically shut-down. If you feel your account has been wrongly suspended, contact the admins and our support team will review.

We are also pleased to announce that we have opened up the new Opu Labs consumer facing website at www.opulabs.com. This site will be focused primarily on skincare consumers, concerns and solutions.

Finally, we continue to work on our Marketplace release and smartphone apps which are all at advanced stages of development. But as we strive to offer the key benefits of the blockchain – immutability and transparency – these efforts come at the cost of having to take greater care than your average app when rolling out new features. We appreciate the support of our amazing community and value all the positive feedback we have been receiving. Stay tuned!

Photo by Donnie Rosie on Unsplash