Opu Coin Released!

We are pleased to announce that today all Opu Coins earned or purchased to date are being released. Users with Opu Wallets will now be able to freely send their OPU to any Opu Wallet or to any external Ethereum wallet.

OPU is also now listed on the ChainX exchange as well as on Uniswap. Additional listings are planned.

To reward our community for their phenomenal support,

  • We are rewarding all existing holders with a 10% bonus. In order to receive the bonus, we are asking users to simply login to their account before February 28, 2021.
  • Users who previously activated their hot wallets will also receive an additional 10% bonus.
  • Users can also earn an additional 10% bonus by participating in our social media promotion. See your Wallet page for more details.

External OPU transfers and the new bonus programs are scheduled to be live by Thursday 20:00 GMT-7.

For the latest Opu Coin policies please refer to the Opu Coin Policy Guide. 

Watch our pages for further announcements on Opu Coin and our products:

Photo by ian dooley on Unsplash