An Opu Primer

Given our recent updates and exchange listings, we have been welcoming many new members and users to the Community. So we wanted to give a quick overview and history of OPU with some hints about where we are heading.

The Opu App was released in late 2018 with the core goal of gathering an initial dataset for our AI imaging efforts. The first layer of utility for the token was to provide rewards to the users who contributed their data. We participated in two airdrops and with zero advertising, we far exceeded our expectations resulting in 150,000 user sign-ups and a 90% completion rate on user engagements. Multiple end-user surveys told us that over 80% would recommend Opu to their friends.

From there our journey began.

The scrutiny on healthcare applications is much higher than any other software application. Regulatory compliance, privacy, and performance all need to be handled to a higher degree than “regular” software.  So no surprise that typical investor exits for software IT companies are 3-5 years longer than other IT ventures.  Furthermore, blockchain and crypto in healthcare – until very recently – has not been well received (an understatement).

With all of this in mind, during 2019, we got to work developing the platform according to our then roadmap. In spite of various economic waves hitting the blockchain industry and a pandemic impacting us all, numerous significant platform components have been built and key milestones continuously reached including:

  • AI Skin Analysis Core (acne, aging, irritation, hyperpigmentation, tone)
  • Opu Web App
  • OPU Coin Smart Contract
  • Opu Wallet
  • Android Skin Clinic app
  • Security Features
  • Android Viral Skin app
  • User Survey and Challenge Tool
  • Layer 2 Support on MATIC
  • iOS app (unreleased)
  • Layer 2 Support on BSC (in development)

The first vertical market we are focused on is skincare which is a multi-billion dollar sector with lots of room for innovation. Currently you can use the Opu App for free and get skin analysis, track skin history, manage OPU coin, and participate in brand, doctor and user challenges. Going forward we are exploring other applications for wellness and health where we can apply imaging, AI, blockchain and user data privacy management capabilities. Stay tuned for more on this front.

Below are some of the key links and information sources to familiarize yourself with OPU:

Try Opu
Opu Labs Website and General Info
Opu Coin Website (this site)
Opu Coin Contract (Ethereum) 0x65e3c4a750a2e7cc7cce86d01587bbcbbe99042e
Opu Coin Contract (Matic) 0x7ff2FC33E161E3b1C6511B934F0209D304267857
Opu Web App
Android Pocket Skin Clinic App Download on Google Play
Viral Skin Scanner for Android Download on Google Play
Opu Coin Blog  1
Opu Labs Blog
 Partnerships Opu Labs Partners with Kose India
Facebook Global
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Github 2
Roadmap Opu Labs does not currently share it’s roadmap information publicly.


1. We do not support paid blogging sites any longer.
2. For major updates to smart contract code only.

QuickSwap Exchange Listing, Liquidity Bonus Program

Expanding on our commitment to the MATIC network, today, we are excited to announce OPU coin’s listing on QuickSwap, one of the fastest growing Decentralized Exchanges!

  • QuickSwap 
    QuickSwap is a permissionless decentralized exchange (DEX) based on Ethereum, powered by Matic Network’s Layer 2 scalability infrastructure. QuickSwap users are empowered with the ability to trade assets at lightning-fast speeds with near zero gas fees. We previously published the bridge and  contract for MATIC when we recently released v2 of Opu Wallet. So it’s now a breeze for users to transfer their OPU as well as ETH into MATIC and then trade on QuickSwap.
    1. OPU coins need to be transferred from an Ethereum wallet through the Matic Ethereum Bridge

    2. You will need to use one of the wallets listed and transfer your OPU and ETH to your wallet’s address through the bridge.
    3. Go to QuickSwap WETH-OPU and trade! 

  • Liquidity Bonus Pool
    Holders of OPU coins who wish to earn fees from the trading of OPU as well as additional bonuses should visit our Liquidity Provider Bonus Program to find out how to participate.

Additional Information:
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Liquidity Provider Bonus Program
Native Staking