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FAQs | Opu Coin | The Currency for a Healthy Lifestyle


Q. What is $OPU?
A. Opu is an ERC-20 token issued by Opu Labs to power the ecosystem of the Opu Platform. The official contract address can be found here:

Q. What does the Opu App do?
The current Opu App enables skin analysis via AI imaging technology. It classifies skin conditions for acne, skin irritation, hyperpigmentation, aging, and also identifies the possibility that a skin condition is related to a virus like COVID-19. 

Q. Can blockchain be used for healthcare applications? 
A. Blockchain has great potential to build a trust layer between parties exchanging private and sensitive information. It is also possible to use blockchain to more efficiently allocate economic rewards and share burdens among the various actors in the healthcare space (doctors, manufacturers, insurers, and consumers).  

Q. How can I earn $OPU?
A. When you create an account, complete your profile or share your first photo, you can earn OPU. Additional reward programs are being developed. 

Q. How do I see my wallet balance?
A. Log-in to your account at and go to the Wallet page. 

Q. What can I do with my $OPU?
A. Here are some of things you can do with your OPU:

  • Purchase products on the Opu Marketplace with a redemption value of $0.03/OPU.
  • Gift to your friends and loved ones
  • HODL
  • Manage or trade in your own ERC20 compatible wallet
  • Stake 
  • Invest in Liquidity Pools

Q. Where can I see the circulation data on Opu Coin?
A. Please see: 

Q. When was $OPU published and what has happened since ?
A. The Opu Coin contract was announced in the summer of 2018 and airdropped in August of that year. The company issued approximately 107 million Opu Coins in the initial coin offering which closed in December 2018. It was published on the Ethereum network in April 2019.  Since then over 150,000 users have signed up for the Opu App and there have been approximately 70,000 rewards earners who have earned 84 million OPU. 

Q. What is the listing schedule for $OPU?
A. OPU is tradeable on QuickSwap. Check our blog for future announcements. 

Q. What is the release history of the Opu Platform?
A. Since the initial release of the Opu Platform, the company has been focused on building the core parts of the ecosystem. The team has released a fully functional version of it’s platform on the web at A smartphone app for the Android operating system has also been released and can be found on Google Play.  An app for the iOS operating system has been released and can be found on the Apple AppStore. In addition, Opu Labs recently released an AI module which analyzes skin conditions to determine the risk of underlying virus infections such as COVID-19. The module is currently still in development as the company collects and analyzes data. 

Q. What is the COVID-19 Opu Fund?
A. For all data that Opu Labs gathers related to COVID-19, the company is donating 50 $OPU per image and intends to donate the proceeds to research and virus protection to parties in need. The current balance can be seen at

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