Opu is up to the challenge.
How about you?
Can you guess my age?
Test your age guessing skills against Opu AI and earn OPU in this challenging new health research game.
You will be shown an image of a person's face and then asked to guess their age. If you beat Opu AI, you will earn OPU. If you lose to Opu AI, you will contribute your tokens to a combination of healthcare research, the owner of the photo and token burn. A points system is used to rank all the players and a leaderboard will show how people of various ages, gender, ethnicities, and nationalities perform. At any time after joining, you can contribute your photo to the game and receive additional rewards.
The Opu Age Game
Find out how old you look to a wide and diverse audience.
Train your eye and improve your ability to assess people's age.
Earn OPU coins when you perform better than Opu AI.
Contribute to scientific research and COVID recovery efforts
Earn OPU whenever Opu AI guesses your photo more accurately than its opponent
Become part of an expert community related to Aging

COVID-19 Viral Detection Research Initiative

Help us identify the COVID-19 virus!