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Liquidity Provider Bonus Program

Quickswap is a decentralized exchange providing automated liquidity provision. Liquidity providers become pool owners and share in the profits of the trading fees generated when users swap the pool tokens. You can now contribute liquidity to the ETH-OPU pool on Quickswap

To participate in the QuickSwap Liquidity Program, please follow these steps.

    • Fill out the form below so we can track your contribution.
    • Transfer your desired OPU and ETH from your Ethereum wallet to your MATIC network wallet address using
    • Navigate and contribute your liquidity.
    • The MATIC token address for OPU is:  0x7ff2FC33E161E3b1C6511B934F0209D304267857
    • For a step by step guide on adding liquidity on Quickswap, check out the medium post “Providing Liquidity on Quickswap!“.
  1. To further reward the creation of liquidity in these Pools, we will be offering incentives to liquidity providers as follows: 
Duration Rate for Under $5000 Rate for Over $5000
1 month 3.0% 5.0%
3 months
7.0% 11.0%
6 months
15.0% 21.0%
12 months
31.0% 37.0%

In addition all pool holders share in the fees earned on Pools and receive those rewards directly to your registered wallet (refer each respective pool’s documentation).

Program Rules:

  • Minimum $250 of liquidity is required to be provided.
  • Ratio of OPU and paired tokens driven by each Pool.
  • Bonuses are paid in OPU and will be transferred to the participating wallet within 10 days after the end of the month of withdrawal.
  • Early withdrawal results in a rate at the lower rung.
  • To join the program, all participants must complete the following form below and then contribute their liquidity.

Opu is up to the challenge.

How about you?


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