June 2020 Update: COVID-19 and Changing Priorities

Jul 18, 2020 · 2 Mins read

Like many companies out there, Q1 2020 stopped us in our tracks. Our partners started working from home and almost all marketing initiatives were put on hold. Our team continued with our R&D efforts while we watched to see how fast the crisis would last. We then shifted our marketplace focus from skincare to personal protection equipment to contribute to the severe shortage of products on the market. Our sales team is now completing deliveries for masks and other products.

Starting in March, Opu Labs began to hear reports that many COVID-19 patients were experiencing rashes and other skin problems. This is just now becoming more recognized in the medical community. Once we verified this, we shifted our focus to getting a version of Opu AI out which can recognize viral rashes. Our COVID-19 initiative is the result and we are in the process of finalizing the first release for the public. We hope to have more news and information about this shortly.

While we work on this critical COVID-19 solution, Opu Coin development has continued but given the pandemic, our top priority has been on getting the AI tool on the market. Yet here are some overdue updates on our next steps for the commercialization of the Opu token.

  • We will be deploying the internal Opu Marketplace on Testing has been completed and this is in our development pipeline and a top priority.
  • For the core Opu Coin token, we believe that stability is a key feature required to release it to the healthcare industry. The volatility we see with most token projects is the major concern we have going forward and one reason we have been very cautious to list on exchanges in spite of the many offers we have had.
  • As discussed in our white paper related to the liquidity bridge concept, we are looking at a number of solutions including balancer to create a marketplace which will provide liquidity to our holders yet maintain stability for our users.

We appreciate all the support from our core community members and hope that you are managing well during this health crisis period.

Photo by Alec Favale on Unsplash

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