Opu Community Update — The Numbers Stack Up!

May 29, 2018 · 3 Mins read

It’s been a busy few weeks here at Opu as we ramp up private sale activity, extend our website, continue to refine our whitepaper, and focus on marketing and community building.

And it’s going pretty well if we don’t say so ourselves! In fact, it’s surpassed our initial expectations. It seems interest in our Skincare Intelligence Platform has really taken off:

  • 35,300 users
  • 8,268 skin profiles
  • 4,146 user images

It’s great to see our community growing at such a phenomenal rate and that’s reflected in our social media communities too — see below. To keep pace, we’ve been onboarding some additional Telegram Moderators and Community Managers.

#OPUdrop: Expanding!

We had some amazing uptake on our recent airdrop. It seems it didn’t take all that long to pass 30 million OPU Coins to 30,000 participants!

If you missed out this first time around, don’t worry, we will be distributing additional airdrop tokens in the same way right across the ICO. In the meantime, if you’re keen to get hold of some OPU, why not take part in one of our other Opu Rewards programs?

Private Sale: New Price List For June

Given the high demand for our private sale, we have updated our bonus schedule: you’ll find full details here. The current private sale bonus of 100% will only be available until June 7th, after this the bonus will decrease each day until the pre-sale begins, when the bonus drops to 66.1%.

Whitelisting won’t be open indefinitely, so please sign up to be considered. If you’ve already applied, you’ll hear from us directly very soon.

Note, the pre-sale ends July 10th and the public sale begins on July 17th.

In addition to using your Opu Wallet, Airdrop participants will be able to register their own personal ETH wallet address. However, Opu Coin withdrawals to personal wallets won’t be possible until August 21st — 14 days after ICO ends.

Here’s what our community’s saying about Opu… and the numbers speak for themselves!

Telegram — Over 16,000 members

Twitter — Over 14,000 followers

Facebook — Over 13,000 followers

Instagram — Over 11,000 followers

Opu Listings — So Far!

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