Opu Community Update: New Video Content, Pre-Sale Starting June 26th

Jun 22, 2018 · 2 Mins read

Opu Labs Roundtable: Keith Teare (left) and Marc Bookman (right)

Opu Labs Video

“I believe this is a really important industry with a lot of customers who really care about good quality service, and I’m excited to be part of the team that’s advising the Opu Labs token sale.

Keith Teare, Tech Visionary and Opu Labs advisor

Our CEO, Marc Bookman, recently sat down with our advisor, Keith Teare, to discuss and answer questions about the importance of skincare, blockchain technology, and how Opu Labs’ ecosystem will benefit consumers, product marketers, and dermatologists.

Watch the video in full here.


Opu Labs Private Sale

Please note that users must complete KYC and make their contributions before June 24th in order to participate in the Private Sale. All whitelisted members have been emailed a link to complete KYC.

Not yet whitelisted? Sign up ASAP.

Opu Labs Pre-Sale

Our pre-sale launches on June 26th.

There will be four main pre-sale stages and bonuses will be available throughout. Here’s how each stage stacks up:

Stage 1

  • Runs June 26–29
  • 67% bonus
  • Cost is US$0.035556 per token

Stage 2

  • Runs June 30-July 2
  • 43% bonus
  • Cost is US$0.041481 per token

Stage 3

  • Runs July 3–5
  • 25% bonus
  • Cost is US$0.047407 per token

Stage 4

  • Runs July 6–10
  • 10% bonus
  • Cost is US$0.053333 per token

The main token sale starts July 17. No percentage bonuses will apply after this date. During the ICO, tokens will cost the equivalent of US$0.059258. Token distribution will begin 14 days after the ICO finishes.

Opu Followers

It’s not a popularity contest, but we’re pretty happy with how are follower numbers keep growing:

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