Opu Community Update: Whitepaper Version 2.2 Ready

Jun 19, 2018 · 2 Mins read

We continue to get great feedback on our whitepaper and tokenomics model. Version 2.2 of our whitepaper has just been published with further details on our token allocation model and plans for a repurchase program.

To satisfy a 2% penetration of the online skincare market and to maintain a sufficient supply of OPU coins, we established a Growth Reserve. Going forward, we believe penetration in the skincare app category can be much higher, possibly even 30%. And with our plans to provide APIs to 3rd party developers, we need to be prepared.

Growth Reserve tokens will be issued primarily for rewards and only sold when the market can’t satisfy Opu Network demand. When tokens are purchased for transactions, opportunities to sell will be first given to public holders.

Further information coming soon in a dedicated tokenomics blog post.

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This just in…

Dr Anna Karp, one of our lead dermatologists, has been featured in Blockchain Healthcare Review. Read the full article.

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