Opu Labs Announces the Availability of Opu Wallet v2 Powered by Matic

Nov 22, 2020 · 1 Mins read

Opu Wallet v2 is now available on the Opu Webapp and can be accessed at The new and improved wallet is running on the Matic Network and offers extremely fast and inexpensive transactions. You can read more about the integration on Matic’s blog.

Users are now able to easily send Opu Coins peer to peer to other users within the Opu network.

An example transaction, can be seen here: 

Transaction processing time is 1.6 seconds with a gas fee of 0.00214528 MATIC ($0.000041). These are the kinds of speeds and costs we require to run the Opu network – and we are excited to roll-out these capabilities.

Transferability between and ethereum wallets is not currently supported but will be available in the next update.

See the joint press release here. 

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