Opu Labs Broadens Focus towards Decentralized Health Data Management

Oct 09, 2020 · 2 Mins read

The COVID-19 Pandemic has changed many things in industry as well as at home – and this also includes the direction of Opu Labs.

We previously announced on these pages our COVID-19 Viral Detection Research Initiative. The preview service is now live within our webapp. We are now training the AI on a broader set of images and conditions which will enable full commercial release.

The skin however can be an indicator of many matters of health and well-being such as acting as a key indicator of sufficient hydration, good diet, existence of cancer, viral infections, diabetes, high cholesterol, and autoimmune diseases.

The smartphone camera has also become pervasive, but it is only one data input device. With the plethora of medical data monitoring devices entering the market, expansion of online health practices, and the improvements in user surveying capabilities, we plan to expand Opu to cover a variety of health data collection types. With this, the management, monitoring, and monetization of users’ healthcare data becomes our primary focus going forward.

Last, today, users are rightfully demanding control of their personal information. We, at Opu Labs, are major advocates of user control of their health data. Enabling this means putting users in control of the access to this data, allowing them to decide where/how it is used and to compensate the owners of the data when it is used. Our token, Opu Coin, will be one of the tools available to consumers which will act as a type of vault key to protect information as well as to enable users to efficiently share in the rewards.

To learn more about our new and expanded direction, visit our home page to read more.

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