Opu Labs’ ICO — The Inside Story

Jun 24, 2018 · 3 Mins read

On the eve of our Pre-Sale I wanted to reach out to the community and share our story.

The entire Opu Labs initiative has been data driven. Data drove us to focus on product marketing on mobile devices, data drove us to focus on skincare products, and data showed us that there was a problem to be solved in this industry.

Since launching our Opu Coin initiative a few weeks ago, we have built a community of well over 100K people and it keeps on growing. And so we want to apply the same data driven discipline here.

We now have a community with participants from 189 countries with our friends from Vietnam being the largest — Chào mừng! Our members are approximately 20% women — much higher than the average for crypto — a number that’s sure to grow. Also we see that a very large percentage of our community works in financial services or e-commerce industries. So we are engaged with an unbelievably diverse audience who is sophisticated about blockchain and financial technology.

I have been following encrypted digital payment systems since the late ‘90s and have been tracking bitcoin since the early days. In recent years, I have focused on tokens which enable ecosystems and help accelerate commerce. At the peak of the market last November, I should have been happy with the numbers. Actually I was figuratively kicking myself that I hadn’t gotten into certain tokens earlier when I first heard of them! So this led me to start thinking more deeply about what makes a good ICO; and when doing an ICO actually makes sense for a company.

Also last year, I had been advised by several friends that I should be looking into ICOs as a way to grow our business. But given the tokens I had studied, I rejected the idea out of hand as being too much work and still too early. Enter James Hodgman, our Chief Architect and lead developer for Opu Labs. James confided in me that he had also been dabbling in crypto and that he thought we should accelerate plans for our Rewards & Payment system using the blockchain. The timing couldn’t have been better and I agreed to look into it.

A blockchain based financial model is about tokenizing the front-end of your business, as opposed to securitizing the back-end through tedious equity contracts which were created in the 17th century. By tokenizing the front-end and doing a token pre-sale, the company can plan long-term and laser focus on the market without distractions. Our token holders can get liquidity and hold an asset which is both tradeable as well as usable on our network for services. We can reach out to a vast marketplace globally to find potential customers, collaborators, and fans who understand the vision and like the long-term prospects of the token. And we at Opu Labs have committed fully to making Opu Coin a success as a critical component of our Skincare Intelligence platform.

We are extremely grateful to the 100K+ people from just about every U.N. country who have gathered around us at this point. We welcome you, need your support and look forward to your participation! Together — through better data — we will enable Opu to connect consumers to optimal skincare solutions while giving our users control of their personal information.

Please watch our channels for more info on how to participate in the Pre-sale and beyond.

Thank you.

Marc Bookman
Opu Labs, Ltd.

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