Opu Labs Named to CIO Applications “Top 25 Healthcare Solutions Providers 2019”

Jun 10, 2019 ·

CIO Applications is an enterprise technology magazine which is the go-to resource for senior-level technology buyers and decision makers to learn and share their experiences with products, technologies and technology trends. To assist healthcare providers in selecting the vendors that provide the most innovative healthcare solutions, CIO Applications Magazine has named Opu Labs to their prestigious “Top 25 Healthcare Solution Providers 2019”.

Over the past decade, digital health has embedded itself as the driving factor in the healthcare sector. Advances across the entire spectrum of providers’ operational life cycle have had its value addition in terms of better patient care, improved efficiencies, optimized operations and planning. The push to cloud adoptions, analytics, AI, safety, security, connected devices, blockchain and innovative medical advances have served well to help navigate through the ever challenging compliance and regulations requirements.  Opu Labs is one the leaders driving innovation in these key areas.

The Healthcare 2019 special is scheduled to be published in the 2nd week of July.


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