Opu Labs – Q3 Update

Sep 05, 2019 · 2 Mins read
Core platform development continues, Android app readying for release, Thailand localized marketplace to be launched this month.

Over the past few months, our team has been laser focused on our roadmap and releasing new features and services. Here is a preview of what is in the works.

  1. The first fully localized marketplace for our first trial market in Thailand is nearing completion. We have over twenty brands signed up already!
  2. The android app is at the final stages of development and will be released to the Google Play store soon. We will make an announcement when it is released. The iOS app is about 6 weeks behind this.
  3. We are upgrading our survey and challenges module which will enable brands to do research, offer rewards and provide consumers with valuable programs which they can join. This should be released before the end of the quarter.
  4. Our community and consult module, reporting tools, advanced skincare product search, and expanded AI imaging capabilities are all in development.
  5. We have successfully tested several gasless side chains to power the OPU transactions within our ecosystem. We expect to release something for this soon.

In other news, and as previously reported on this blog:

Stay tuned here for further updates and announcements.

Photo by Josue Isai Ramos Figueroa on Unsplash

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