Opu Labs Update: Bonus Period Extended

Jul 02, 2018 ·

Pre-sale bonus remains at 42.9% thru July 31

The Pre-sale is designed to validate our online process and to get market feedback. We have been able to quickly achieve both goals this past week. We currently have a high volume of people going through the KYC and sign-up process, and we’ve had more than 30,000 people use our skin scanning technology app.

Nevertheless, given the current bear market conditions, it is unanimous among our team and advisors that we should extend the current bonus level for another 30 days.

Effective today (July 2), the 42.9% Pre-sale bonus will be extended until July 31 — and the ICO closing date will be targeted for September 30th.

In addition, we are lowering the Soft Cap to $3M. We originally set the Soft Cap at $5M back in December, but since then we have made excellent progress in developing our platform. We believe that we will be able to launch our service in selected markets for much less than $5M; and that $3M will be more than sufficient to get the first commercial version of our platform live.

With major institutional investors planning to invest in cryptocurrency, we believe that the market will correct in the near future. But we also believe that market conditions like this are the best time to jump in!

We’ll keep you posted on further developments as they happen. Stay tuned.

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