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Q1 ’20 Update – R&D Update, Global Melanoma Concerns, and more | Opu Coin | The Currency for a Healthy Lifestyle

Q1 ’20 Update – R&D Update, Global Melanoma Concerns, and more

Feb 21, 2020 ·
AI R&D Update, Global Melanoma Concerns, and Acnoc Challenge Results

We hope everyone in our community stays safe and healthy given the recent developments with Covid-19. We also appreciate the dedication of our many followers and loyal supporters. Opu Labs is taking no short-cuts as we build out a viable and scalable personal health management platform.

R&D Update

The Opu Labs’ team continues to work on our core AI engine and we are very excited about the direction.

“Opu Labs’ R&D efforts have even focused on developing production-grade AI for identification and stratification of severity of skin imperfections. Our recent efforts have mostly focused on frontal face image processing, including segmentation of skin regions of interest, with the goal of localizing imperfections such as acne, redness, wrinkles, but also establishing probabilistic estimates of diseases, including melanomas.”  – Dr. Prahlad Menon, Carnegie Melon University and Opu Labs AI Team Leader.

In addition to the most common concerns of acne, aging, skin pigmentation, and skin irritation, we are very concerned and plan to contribute to the worldwide concern related to melanoma. There are 132,000 new cases of melanoma each year. People in susceptible countries are very concerned about themselves and their children. Society needs better and more efficient tools for monitoring their skin health. We have had a long association with SkinAlive of New Zealand who has one of the world’s best sunscreens and one which is endorsed by the Melanoma International Foundation. Grant Lawrie, CEO of SkinAlive and a strategic partner for Opu Labs in New Zealand says “The rate of melanoma is disturbing – but we all need a wake up call – and to be honest I think this has gone beyond a wake up call – its now the Alarm Clock!”

Acne Challenge Results

We saw excellent results with all test users for the Acnoc All Hybrid Essence Challenge. All users reduced their acne score – on average the reduction was 82%. Seventy-five percent had sustained reductions and only twenty-five percent had fluctuating acne levels. You can read the full report here.

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