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Sneak Preview: Opu Health Monitoring | Opu Coin | The Currency for a Healthy Lifestyle

Sneak Preview: Opu Health Monitoring

Jan 12, 2022 ·

After a long quiet period focused solely on our core R&D , we are pleased to release the first set of new features for Opu Health and Wellness services.

You can now post a facial scan and OPU AI will analyze your overall wellness based on your mood, eye conditions, and relative aging. You can see the new AI module live on the Opu Web App.

This is a hint at our direction going forward which builds upon our Skincare and Viral image recognition and positions the company in a broader health and wellness industry.  You will be seeing additional features and modules soon which will utilize these core AI functions.

As we posted in previous blogs, we no longer publish our roadmap on the web. This was a great thing to do in 2018 but not any longer, we believe.  There is no excuse for our lack of blog and social media posting recently. However, we would like to post news which is newsworthy and not empty content.

In addition to our R&D activities, we have committed to supporting Corowell with their olfactory COVID-19 symptom detection platform.  This initiative has taken a tremendous amount of company attention but given the state of the pandemic we believe it is critical to get this technology out there.

Finally, a few quick stats:
– Active User Accounts: 134,838
– OPU Network Transfers:  605,123,794 OPU
– Stakers: 400
– Total OPUs Staked:  198,212,461 OPU
– Surveys Completed:  2,000
– OPU Health Research Wallet:  747,800 OPU

We will be announcing some new key features and services in the near future.

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