We’ve hit our softcap! Last chance to purchase OPUs from the public sale

Security Audit Complete. 2.7B perpetual supply finalized.

We are pleased to inform you that last week we hit our softcap. This paves the way for us to complete the public token sale on December 20th as planned and to move on to the next phase of the platform and business development.

In conjunction with this last phase of the public sale, we have published the following “Final Stretch Pricing for Opu Coin” which you can see on our website. This will be the last chance for public purchasers of Opu Coin to purchase the token prior to our release of the Opu Marketplace.

Completion of Security Audit

We engaged with New Alchemy to conduct a full security audit of OPU. The results are complete and the audit report is posted here. Our code has been deemed “trustful” and all significant issues identified by the auditors were addressed. We are now doing final testing of the code on the testnet in preparation for release on the mainnet soon.


Elimination of Real-Time Minting

After receiving a wide variety of feedback during this public sale period, we made the decision to remove the real-time minting feature from the smart contract. As those who have been following us will know, we originally created a reserve in order to account for the very large consumer base we expect to adopt our token in the skincare market. We then eliminated the reserve in favor of a real-time minting function which would have been limited to rewards tokens issuance. For the final release of OPU coin however, this has been completely eliminated and we will go to market with a 2.7B perpetual maximum supply. This will create even more scarcity for the token going forward. You can see our revised model in the latest version of the white paper.

There will be more news coming soon related to new platform features and services. Please stay tuned!