Watch Opu Labs’ Video Roundtable With Keith Teare

On a recent visit to Palo Alto, our CEO, Marc Bookman, sat down with advisor, Keith Teare, the Executive Chairman of Accelerated Digital Ventures, to discuss and answer questions about skincare, blockchain technology, and how Opu Labs’ ecosystem will disrupt the way in which patients, dermatologists, and product marketers interact.

And the resulting video is a great overview of what we’re doing.

You can watch the video in full here

Keith’s natural curiosity proves to be an excellent sounding board for Opu Labs’ aims and ambitions, while Marc’s in-depth knowledge of the platform sees him outline the more practical aspects of the technology; including how tokens can be used, spent, and distributed.

As someone who faced his own skincare issues as a teenager, Keith is overwhelmingly positive about Opu Labs and the ICO:

“I believe this is a really important industry with a lot of customers who really care about good quality service, and I’m excited to be part of the team that’s advising the Opu Labs token sale.”

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Opu Labs — Tokenomics Primer

A review of Opu rewards, bonuses, and our distribution model

Things are evolving rapidly here at Opu Labs. As we edge closer towards our token pre-sale on June 26, we wanted to take the time to explain our token economics as clearly as possible.

Whitepaper 2.2

The latest version of our whitepaper can be found at In version 2.2 you’ll find new charts and literature surrounding our Growth Reserve, which we established to maintain a sufficient long-term supply of OPU coins (see below).

Opu Labs has built a distribution model based on a 2% penetration of the online skincare market although our research indicates that up to 30% of skincare consumers are amenable to using an app to help manage their skin health. And given our plans to provide APIs to 3rd party developers, we need to be prepared, which is why we built a Growth Reserve into our plan.

Growth Reserve tokens will be issued primarily for rewards. However they will only be sold when the market cannot satisfy Opu Network demand. This means we will actively buy back tokens from public holders to make them available for purchase on a real-time basis. This supplies the market with liquidity but will not increase the tokens in circulation.

As Opu Wallet adoptions increase, it’s expected that the number of users will quickly outpace the number of traders. However, our model ensures that a sufficient supply of tokens will properly flow into the ecosystem over the course of 5–10 years.

We estimate that roughly one-third of the Growth Reserve tokens exchanged within the Opu Network will be awarded through the Opu Rewards program while the remaining two-thirds will be purchased to fulfill transactions.

The vast majority of our users will be using OPU coins to purchase skincare products and services.

For full details, see Appendix 1 on page 68 of the whitepaper.

Opu Coin Distribution

We’ve put together a detailed forecast for how we see the circulating supply of OPU coins stacking up following the ICO.

  • At the end of our crowdsale, the circulating supply will consist of well over 90% crowdsale tokens versus less than 10% in Opu Rewards tokens
  • Team and partner tokens are subject to a one year lock followed by a 12 month vesting period
  • All ICO and Opu Rewards holders will be encouraged to join the Opu Holding Bonus to further reduce the circulating supply
  • Growth Reserve tokens will only begin to make their way into the ecosystem after our application is live — one to two quarters following our crowdsale
  • More detailed graphs surrounding the distribution timeline can be found on pages 76–79 of the whitepaper

Opu Holding Bonus

The Opu Holding Bonus will be used as a reward mechanism for crowdsale participants. We will be allocating a minimum of 220 Million OPU as a bonus to contributors over the course of a 12 month period. During the ICO, whitelisted members can allocate their OPU to the Holding Bonus smart contract in exchange for a monthly bonus, which will be determined by final allocation amounts.


  • Participants agree to vest their stake for one year in return for monthly payouts
  • Unsold ICO tokens can be transferred to the Holding Bonus contract
  • The final bonus pool will be determined after the crowdsale to ensure the bonuses are reasonable to both the team and holding participants
  • At the end of the one year vest, the entire stake will be returned to the user; along with the 12 monthly bonus rewards

A detailed outline on how to participate in the Opu Holding Bonus will provided in a follow up document during the ICO.

Opu Rewards


OPUdrop has exceeded expectations with over 30,000 participants and counting! In light of the rapid growth we’re seeing in our Telegram channel, we have reworked the distribution of the Opu Rewards program to match market sentiment.

The team has decided to allocated an additional 15 Million OPU for a continuation of the airdrop program — to be launched during the ICO. In order to reward our early participants, the second airdrop will provide users with a reward of 500 OPU as opposed to the initial 1,000 OPU reward.

In addition to this, all Opu Rewards participants are now eligible to participate in an Opu Rewards Holding Bonus — similar to the of the ICO Holding Bonus. 15 Million Opu has been set aside as a minimum bonus for participants who want to opt-in to this program.

Similarly to the ICO Holding Bonus, Opu Rewards users will vest their stake for one year in exchange for a monthly bonus. At the end of the one year vest, the entire initial stake will have been returned to the user along with the 12 monthly bonus rewards. Users will have the option to contribute to the Holding Bonus or to withdraw to their personal ETH address (found in your dashboard) 15 days following the completion of the ICO.

Bounty Program

Our Bitcointalk Bounty thread has been relaunched. All participants on our old thread have been accounted for and will be rewarded accordingly.


Our pre-sale set to launch on June 26th. We have over 60,000 people who have created an account with their personal Opu Wallet at And we have a large and growing whitelist for the ICO itself.

For users who still want contribute to the private sale, please note that KYC and contributions must be completed before June 24th. All whitelisted members have been emailed with a link to complete KYC before being able to participate in the pre-sale starting on June 26th.

For more information about Opu Labs’ ICO, visit:

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Opu Labs Featured in Blockchain Healthcare Review

We’re delighted to see that our very own dermatology expert, Dr Anna Karp, has been featured in the Blockchain Healthcare Review!

The article is a thought leadership piece in which Dr Karp, a leading New York dermatologist, outlines how doctors can benefit from the use of blockchain technology, and explains how it’s relevant to the global skincare community.

She also talks about her role in training Opu’s AI and sets out the reasons for building a decentralized token-based ecosystem.

Take a look at the article for the full story!

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Opu Labs’ ICO — The Inside Story

On the eve of our Pre-Sale I wanted to reach out to the community and share our story.

The entire Opu Labs initiative has been data driven. Data drove us to focus on product marketing on mobile devices, data drove us to focus on skincare products, and data showed us that there was a problem to be solved in this industry.

Since launching our Opu Coin initiative a few weeks ago, we have built a community of well over 100K people and it keeps on growing. And so we want to apply the same data driven discipline here.

We now have a community with participants from 189 countries with our friends from Vietnam being the largest — Chào mừng! Our members are approximately 20% women — much higher than the average for crypto — a number that’s sure to grow. Also we see that a very large percentage of our community works in financial services or e-commerce industries. So we are engaged with an unbelievably diverse audience who is sophisticated about blockchain and financial technology.

I have been following encrypted digital payment systems since the late ‘90s and have been tracking bitcoin since the early days. In recent years, I have focused on tokens which enable ecosystems and help accelerate commerce. At the peak of the market last November, I should have been happy with the numbers. Actually I was figuratively kicking myself that I hadn’t gotten into certain tokens earlier when I first heard of them! So this led me to start thinking more deeply about what makes a good ICO; and when doing an ICO actually makes sense for a company.

Also last year, I had been advised by several friends that I should be looking into ICOs as a way to grow our business. But given the tokens I had studied, I rejected the idea out of hand as being too much work and still too early. Enter James Hodgman, our Chief Architect and lead developer for Opu Labs. James confided in me that he had also been dabbling in crypto and that he thought we should accelerate plans for our Rewards & Payment system using the blockchain. The timing couldn’t have been better and I agreed to look into it.

A blockchain based financial model is about tokenizing the front-end of your business, as opposed to securitizing the back-end through tedious equity contracts which were created in the 17th century. By tokenizing the front-end and doing a token pre-sale, the company can plan long-term and laser focus on the market without distractions. Our token holders can get liquidity and hold an asset which is both tradeable as well as usable on our network for services. We can reach out to a vast marketplace globally to find potential customers, collaborators, and fans who understand the vision and like the long-term prospects of the token. And we at Opu Labs have committed fully to making Opu Coin a success as a critical component of our Skincare Intelligence platform.

We are extremely grateful to the 100K+ people from just about every U.N. country who have gathered around us at this point. We welcome you, need your support and look forward to your participation! Together — through better data — we will enable Opu to connect consumers to optimal skincare solutions while giving our users control of their personal information.

Please watch our channels for more info on how to participate in the Pre-sale and beyond.

Thank you.

Marc Bookman
Opu Labs, Ltd.

Opu Community Update: Whitepaper Version 2.2 Ready

We continue to get great feedback on our whitepaper and tokenomics model. Version 2.2 of our whitepaper has just been published with further details on our token allocation model and plans for a repurchase program.

To satisfy a 2% penetration of the online skincare market and to maintain a sufficient supply of OPU coins, we established a Growth Reserve. Going forward, we believe penetration in the skincare app category can be much higher, possibly even 30%. And with our plans to provide APIs to 3rd party developers, we need to be prepared.

Growth Reserve tokens will be issued primarily for rewards and only sold when the market can’t satisfy Opu Network demand. When tokens are purchased for transactions, opportunities to sell will be first given to public holders.

Further information coming soon in a dedicated tokenomics blog post.

Our social communities are steadily growing.

Here are the latest numbers:

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Don’t forget to subscribe to our Medium channel for regular updates. And here’s a link to our last update if you missed it.

This just in…

Dr Anna Karp, one of our lead dermatologists, has been featured in Blockchain Healthcare Review. Read the full article.

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Opu Community Update — The Numbers Stack Up!

It’s been a busy few weeks here at Opu as we ramp up private sale activity, extend our website, continue to refine our whitepaper, and focus on marketing and community building.

And it’s going pretty well if we don’t say so ourselves! In fact, it’s surpassed our initial expectations. It seems interest in our Skincare Intelligence Platform has really taken off:

  • 35,300 users
  • 8,268 skin profiles
  • 4,146 user images

It’s great to see our community growing at such a phenomenal rate and that’s reflected in our social media communities too — see below. To keep pace, we’ve been onboarding some additional Telegram Moderators and Community Managers.

#OPUdrop: Expanding!

We had some amazing uptake on our recent airdrop. It seems it didn’t take all that long to pass 30 million OPU Coins to 30,000 participants!

If you missed out this first time around, don’t worry, we will be distributing additional airdrop tokens in the same way right across the ICO. In the meantime, if you’re keen to get hold of some OPU, why not take part in one of our other Opu Rewards programs?

Private Sale: New Price List For June

Given the high demand for our private sale, we have updated our bonus schedule: you’ll find full details here. The current private sale bonus of 100% will only be available until June 7th, after this the bonus will decrease each day until the pre-sale begins, when the bonus drops to 66.1%.

Whitelisting won’t be open indefinitely, so please sign up to be considered. If you’ve already applied, you’ll hear from us directly very soon.

Note, the pre-sale ends July 10th and the public sale begins on July 17th.

In addition to using your Opu Wallet, Airdrop participants will be able to register their own personal ETH wallet address. However, Opu Coin withdrawals to personal wallets won’t be possible until August 21st — 14 days after ICO ends.

Here’s what our community’s saying about Opu… and the numbers speak for themselves!

Telegram — Over 16,000 members

Twitter — Over 14,000 followers

Facebook — Over 13,000 followers

Instagram — Over 11,000 followers

Opu Listings — So Far!

Track ICO:


ICO Now:

Bitcoin Exchange Guide:


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Momentum’s Building…

The rest of the world is starting to take notice of the fact that skincare and the blockchain are in fact compatible!

(Pic Source:

We’ve just had articles written about what we’re doing here at Opu Labs in some major industry titles: the Blockchain Healthcare Review; CoinTelegraph; and the Blockchain Business News Network.

Here’s what they’re saying…

Are Blockchain and AI Technologies the Key to Healthy Skin?

A close up look at the tech stack we’re building — our five core service, how they work together, and how they’ll improve dermatology diagnoses for patients and doctors — as penned by the Blockchain Healthcare Review.

Opu Labs Brings “Skin In The Game” to Blockchain

Nice piece (and headline!) from the Blockchain Business News Network; giving wider scope to our aims and ambitions.

Start-Up Uses Blockchain And AI To Offer ‘Trustworthy, Unbiased’ Skincare Advice

A great article from the CoinTelegraph that outlines our audience, as well as the overall purpose behind building an AI and blockchain based system — and why the skincare sector needs it.

Please read them all and be sure to share them across your social networks.

Help us spread the word!

To take part in the pre-sale, or register for the ICO, sign up on our website(click the “Join Pool 1” button at the top of the home page). You’ll also get regular updates via our Telegram channel, where our admins are happy to offer advice and answer questions.

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How The Blockchain May (Literally) Save Your Skin

Terms like ‘blockchain’ and ‘cryptocurrency’ have become bywords for digital innovation of late. They seem to be related to different technology platforms, but few of these seem to offer real value to the Average Joe — or Josephine. However, the more ambitious projects are tackling issues that affect people every day through technology; and that’s what we’re aiming to do here at Opu Labs: by creating a platform that will improve and innovate the $122 B global skincare industry.

“Through a combination of blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, image analysis, and eCommerce tech, Opu Labs is creating an intelligent skincare service on a global level.”

Innovating A Multibillion Dollar Industry

With 500 million Facebook users interested in skincare it’s bewildering to think that so few people have access to professional advice. Most follow recommendations from people they know, as well brand marketers, and well-meaning –but often misleading– claims they hear or see in the media.

Those who’ve tried scheduling an appointment with a dermatologist know the frustration of waiting weeks to get a consultation — and the expense. And so many spend years trying different products, struggling to find something that matches their individual skincare needs. Opu directly tackles these frustrations by creating a secure community where consumers can discuss their skin concerns with trusted professionals and get customized guidance.

We’re on the cusp of launching Opu — a customizable web and mobile enabled platform that aims to simplify and democratize access to professional skincare advice using a fusion of blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, image analysis, and eCommerce technologies.

It works like this: users take a photo of their face, which is analyzed by Opu’s native AI system that is being trained by Opu’s team of dermatologists. The results are then matched to high quality products and programs which are designed by experts based on the skincare goals set by each individual. Each user can then choose either self-guided programs or connect online with their personal dermatologist and/or skincare advisor who guides them along their journey.

Building A Trust-Based, Rewards-Focused Ecosystem

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. We’re using the Ethereum blockchain to build a trust-based ecosystem; using its smart contract technology to ensure that personal data stays secure and to validate transactions. This functionality allows us to create our own incentives and rewards program; and to establish our very own cryptocoin — Opu Coin — which will be used as the primary payment method in the app. Plus, users, employees, and skincare professionals can earn Opu Coins when they complete certain tasks, such as completing their profile or setting goals.

To help us create and perfect these services, we’ll be running a public Token Sale in June in which qualifying participants will be able to purchase Opu Coins. Only 5.5% of the total 12 billion coins are being offered through the crowdsale and the rest will be circulated throughout the Opu ecosystem. To optimize adoption of the coin, Opu already has dozens of partnerships in the works with a number of leading skincare professionals and has made the coin compatible with Bitcoin and Ether. The current Token Pre-Sale (including Private Sale) discount is at 50% and will continue to decrease until the end of April.

Experienced Leadership & Expert Advisors

To ensure the Token Sale’s success and to make the Opu a leading name in accessible skincare services, the Opu Labs management team — led by founder and CEO Marc Bookman, and COO Richard Reed — has appointed a talented team of international technology specialists and leading skincare professionals.

Our technology team is led by CTO Raj Jhaveri and our VP of Engineering, Lucy Omo — ably supported by our Chief Architect, James Hodgman and a team of tech and blockchain specialists.

Our dermatology team is led by our Chief Medical Advisor, Dr. Dhaval Bhanusali and Dr. Anna Karp who is working on Opu’s analysis and recommendation system. They are supported by a number of other dermatology professionals, including Dr. Lauren PlochDr. Ashvin GarlapatiDr. Omar NoonDr. Jordan FabrikantDr. Matthew J. EliasDr. Farhaad Riyaz, and Dr. Pradyumna Vaidya.

As the Token Sale date nears, the entire Opu Labs team will be helping to raise awareness of our products, technology, and ecosystem to ensure that anyone interested has all of the information they need to feel confident about participating.

Evolving Skincare Through Blockchain Technology

We are excited to welcome you to our project! For more information, follow the links below:

• 🌐 Website (ICO):

Here’s What You Need To Know About Opu’s ICO

Our ICO is looming. We couldn’t be more excited.

While seasoned crypto fans will get how this all works, what if this is the first time you’ve dabbled in an ICO?

We realize there’s fair amount of perceived complexity surrounding blockchain technology, coin offerings, and decentralization. So here we’ve done our best to explain how they all work together, how we’re creating our digital skincare ecosystem, and how everyone can get involved.

Know Your ICO

Let’s start with the basics. (If you know your onions, you may want to skip this part). There are a thousand Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) out there. Some call them Token Generation Events (TGEs). Others may refer to them as Token Sales. Vitalik Buterin (Ethereum’s founder) even mooted a variation called an Interactive Coin Offering at one point. Truth be told, they’re all pretty much the same thing — as far as terminologies go. But the reality is each one is very different from the next. But what exactly are they?

  • For entrepreneurs, they’re an opportunity to raise the money needed to complete the technology they’re building.
  • For ICO participants, they offer something far more intriguing: the chance to purchase a newly created cryptocurrency.

Instead of buying shares (as you would in an IPO), with an ICO, participants contribute funds into a decentralized ecosystem, and are awarded ‘tokens’ when the fundraising period is over. Those tokens are pegged to a particular cryptocurrency (Ethereum in Opu’s case, as we’re making use of smart contract functionality, which ensure the secure exchange of data).

Buyers bank on future demand for the tokens; which is driven by the technology’s ability to attract a critical mass of users.

So, despite all the mania around ‘get rich quick’ schemes (which are almost always too good to be true), the fact remains that if the technology is a) solid and b) solves a real-world pain point for a particular sector, the greater the chances of success will be for the token. And an ICO is a chance to get in on the ground floor.

Down To Business: Opu’s ICO

As you probably know, our background is health and wellness: skincare specifically. Because we’ve seen where the industry falls short; we’ve decided to build a platform that helps to alleviate some of the key pain points (try out our demo platform to see for yourself).

The reason we’re doing this using Ethereum blockchain technology is because one of the biggest issues the skincare sector faces is reliable information. In order to create skincare solutions that have tried and true results, dermatologists need accurate data from a range of different patients. However, a lot of people, across the world, don’t have access to professional dermatological advice; they rely on the advice of friends, family, or anyone else with an alleged ‘miracle cure’

Opu’s ecosystem

In a nutshell, the ecosystem we’re creating will bring together everyone who plays a role in the skincare industry. We’re building a suite of services to facilitate the required interactions, alongside a mechanism that ensures the secure exchange of data (you can read more about the specifics in our whitepaper — or even our previous blog post).

The platforms we’re building

To take part in the pre-sale, or register for the ICO, sign up on our website(click the “Join Pool 1” button at the top of the home page). You’ll also get regular updates via our Telegram channel, where our admins are happy to offer advice and answer questions.

Reasons to Participate in Opu’s ICO

  • Opu is the first of its kind platform for the skincare industry. It is a unique app that combines the power of blockchain technology with a robust rewards model.
  • Opu’s combination of AI, skin analysis and blockchain is what allows us to offer best in class analysis and treatment options
  • OPU coin will be the pioneer digital currency of the skincare market. It will power the ecosystem that runs on the robust blockchain network.
  • The platform is driven by AI & big data technology, a skin analysis engine, an e-Commerce function and community support. This automatically gives Opu an edge in the global skincare industry.
  • OPU coin will generate a high value in the US$121 billion global market, which has been largely neglected due to structural inefficiencies of companies operating in multiple regions.
  • As an individual, not only will you be rewarded with OPU coin for completing various tasks, but you will also be able to earn coins when reach your skincare goals. Moreover, the Opu coin can be held, traded, or simply stored in your e-wallet.
  • The Opu platform is powered by the Ethereum blockchain network.
  • Opu’s team is a diverse and multi-talented group of professionals with a variety of different strengths — including healthcare and blockchain expertise.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — –

For more information about Opu Labs’ ICO, visit:

For inquiries, contact: