Opu Labs — Tokenomics Primer

A review of Opu rewards, bonuses, and our distribution model

Things are evolving rapidly here at Opu Labs. As we edge closer towards our token pre-sale on June 26, we wanted to take the time to explain our token economics as clearly as possible.

Whitepaper 2.2

The latest version of our whitepaper can be found at http://ico.opu.ai/whitepaper. In version 2.2 you’ll find new charts and literature surrounding our Growth Reserve, which we established to maintain a sufficient long-term supply of OPU coins (see below).

Opu Labs has built a distribution model based on a 2% penetration of the online skincare market although our research indicates that up to 30% of skincare consumers are amenable to using an app to help manage their skin health. And given our plans to provide APIs to 3rd party developers, we need to be prepared, which is why we built a Growth Reserve into our plan.

Growth Reserve tokens will be issued primarily for rewards. However they will only be sold when the market cannot satisfy Opu Network demand. This means we will actively buy back tokens from public holders to make them available for purchase on a real-time basis. This supplies the market with liquidity but will not increase the tokens in circulation.

As Opu Wallet adoptions increase, it’s expected that the number of users will quickly outpace the number of traders. However, our model ensures that a sufficient supply of tokens will properly flow into the ecosystem over the course of 5–10 years.

We estimate that roughly one-third of the Growth Reserve tokens exchanged within the Opu Network will be awarded through the Opu Rewards program while the remaining two-thirds will be purchased to fulfill transactions.

The vast majority of our users will be using OPU coins to purchase skincare products and services.

For full details, see Appendix 1 on page 68 of the whitepaper.

Opu Coin Distribution

We’ve put together a detailed forecast for how we see the circulating supply of OPU coins stacking up following the ICO.

  • At the end of our crowdsale, the circulating supply will consist of well over 90% crowdsale tokens versus less than 10% in Opu Rewards tokens
  • Team and partner tokens are subject to a one year lock followed by a 12 month vesting period
  • All ICO and Opu Rewards holders will be encouraged to join the Opu Holding Bonus to further reduce the circulating supply
  • Growth Reserve tokens will only begin to make their way into the ecosystem after our application is live — one to two quarters following our crowdsale
  • More detailed graphs surrounding the distribution timeline can be found on pages 76–79 of the whitepaper

Opu Holding Bonus

The Opu Holding Bonus will be used as a reward mechanism for crowdsale participants. We will be allocating a minimum of 220 Million OPU as a bonus to contributors over the course of a 12 month period. During the ICO, whitelisted members can allocate their OPU to the Holding Bonus smart contract in exchange for a monthly bonus, which will be determined by final allocation amounts.


  • Participants agree to vest their stake for one year in return for monthly payouts
  • Unsold ICO tokens can be transferred to the Holding Bonus contract
  • The final bonus pool will be determined after the crowdsale to ensure the bonuses are reasonable to both the team and holding participants
  • At the end of the one year vest, the entire stake will be returned to the user; along with the 12 monthly bonus rewards

A detailed outline on how to participate in the Opu Holding Bonus will provided in a follow up document during the ICO.

Opu Rewards


OPUdrop has exceeded expectations with over 30,000 participants and counting! In light of the rapid growth we’re seeing in our Telegram channel, we have reworked the distribution of the Opu Rewards program to match market sentiment.

The team has decided to allocated an additional 15 Million OPU for a continuation of the airdrop program — to be launched during the ICO. In order to reward our early participants, the second airdrop will provide users with a reward of 500 OPU as opposed to the initial 1,000 OPU reward.

In addition to this, all Opu Rewards participants are now eligible to participate in an Opu Rewards Holding Bonus — similar to the of the ICO Holding Bonus. 15 Million Opu has been set aside as a minimum bonus for participants who want to opt-in to this program.

Similarly to the ICO Holding Bonus, Opu Rewards users will vest their stake for one year in exchange for a monthly bonus. At the end of the one year vest, the entire initial stake will have been returned to the user along with the 12 monthly bonus rewards. Users will have the option to contribute to the Holding Bonus or to withdraw to their personal ETH address (found in your opu.ai dashboard) 15 days following the completion of the ICO.

Bounty Program

Our Bitcointalk Bounty thread has been relaunched. All participants on our old thread have been accounted for and will be rewarded accordingly.


Our pre-sale set to launch on June 26th. We have over 60,000 people who have created an account with their personal Opu Wallet at Opu.ai. And we have a large and growing whitelist for the ICO itself.

For users who still want contribute to the private sale, please note that KYC and contributions must be completed before June 24th. All whitelisted members have been emailed with a link to complete KYC before being able to participate in the pre-sale starting on June 26th.

For more information about Opu Labs’ ICO, visit: http://ico.opu.ai/

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