Watch Opu Labs’ Video Roundtable With Keith Teare

On a recent visit to Palo Alto, our CEO, Marc Bookman, sat down with advisor, Keith Teare, the Executive Chairman of Accelerated Digital Ventures, to discuss and answer questions about skincare, blockchain technology, and how Opu Labs’ ecosystem will disrupt the way in which patients, dermatologists, and product marketers interact.

And the resulting video is a great overview of what we’re doing.

You can watch the video in full here

Keith’s natural curiosity proves to be an excellent sounding board for Opu Labs’ aims and ambitions, while Marc’s in-depth knowledge of the platform sees him outline the more practical aspects of the technology; including how tokens can be used, spent, and distributed.

As someone who faced his own skincare issues as a teenager, Keith is overwhelmingly positive about Opu Labs and the ICO:

“I believe this is a really important industry with a lot of customers who really care about good quality service, and I’m excited to be part of the team that’s advising the Opu Labs token sale.”

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