The Opu Age Game is Released!

Aug 31, 2022 · 2 Mins read

Humans vs. AI for Age Assessment. Healthy Gaming built on an Active Learning Community. 

We are happy to announce the release of a brand new web-app as well as a significant change in our direction.

Today, we announce the release of The Opu Age Game which challenges players to guess the age of participants’ photos and compete against Opu AI’s age assessment ability. The Game combines all of the technology and tools we have built at Opu Labs into one fun and challenging user experience.

Face Illustrations
Users will see a photo of a person and then guess the person’s age. If they guess better than Opu AI they will earn OPU coins. Currently the amount per guess is 20 OPU but this value will be settable by the player in future versions. If the player loses to Opu AI, the coins contributed for that guess are lost. A portion of the contributed OPU is burned, a portion is given to our charity fund and a portion is given to the person who contributed the photo. A point system keeps track of the player’s absolute ability to guess accurately. A leaderboard is available to show rankings and interesting statistics. Contributors of photos are given a reward of OPU. All photos contributed to the game will be Government-ID verified.


Players can improve their ability to assess people’s age, earn OPU and have fun. Contributors of photos will get to see how well people of all walks of life around the world see their age. Opu AI will of course be getting smarter and smarter as it learns. And as the player community grows, the supply of OPU will shrink as more and more OPU are burned.


The Game is still at an experimental stage. We expect The Opu Age Game to evolve into a learning community around Age and the Aging Process. We want to recruit people from all ages, occupations and regions to play and participate. Going forward Opu Labs plans to focus our efforts on the Age Game and similar user experiences.


Please try the Game! Tell your friends and use our referral link so that you can earn OPU for all of your friends’ sign-ups.


The Opu Labs Team

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